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Senior Contract

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Dear Seniors,

The senior activities have been scheduled. Permittance for the following events will be based on the following criteria: satisfactory behavior in all classes, hallways, lunchroom and including areas surrounding the school building.

The payment option for our graduation is on the school website [ is27.org ]. The payment option for the Mustang BBQ Bash will be available on the website next week.

Please continue to uphold these expectations throughout the remainder of the school year to ensure approval for the exciting, upcoming events.

Save the Dates: 8th Grade Activities

4/29/22 Astro Laser light Show
5/31/22 8th Grade Game Show
Tik Tok Inspired Video Yearbook - Date TBD
Staff VS Student Basketball Game (After School - Need a ticket to attend)
6/6/22 Mustang BBQ Bash [ $30 Payment Required]
6/17/22 Graduation at The Richmond County Ballpark 9:00AM [$105 Payment Required] Middle school students must meet promotion benchmarks to participate in their school’s moving up ceremonies.

Thank you for your cooperation, we look forward to seeing your faces and making unforgettable memories.