Welcome Back

I.S. 27 Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

Anning S.  Prall Intermediate School 27

Academies of Engineering, Enterprise and Journalism

11 Clove Lakes Place, Staten Island, NY 10310 Tel (718)981-8800 Fax (718)815-4677

Matthew Barone, Principal


Dear Parents/ Guardians,

Welcome back! It was a beautiful summer and most of us did not want it to end, but it is time for another school year to begin. With it comes early wake ups, homework and loads of after school activities. Some of those activities will be planned by the PTA.

We have many ideas and goals for the new school year and will be revamping some of the old events and planning new ones. With the guidance of our new principal, Mr. Barone and his strong leadership teams and administration - we will be working towards many improvements. We want to put together strong, determined, creative committees for our events so that parents and teachers can be more involved in the planning. We are looking into new ways we can raise money for our school thru grants, sponsors and donations. We also want to offer the parents easy, simple ways to help. Most of our parents are already aware of the effort that we, as a PTA put into our school. We are constantly striving to make our community feel not just like a school our students go to, but like “our” family of students. It is our hope every year to get more parents involved and feel welcomed. Your ideas, participation and feedback are the very reason we succeed as a PTA and community. Without them we could not attempt to improve our student’s experience in middle school either academically or socially.

Within the coming week’s we will be sending home our PTA packet. Please read thru this entire packet. We have revised many of the forms and letters. It is full of important dates, information and opportunities for you to be involved. Complete all the forms enclosed and return it to us by September 30th. Throughout the year we will keep you up to date on school news and activities via our website, emails, updated calendars, “remind” texts, phone messages and of course- our “exciting” school newspaper! We are excited to announce that we will be adding Facebook as a means to keep in-touch and to share our students/PTA activities, accomplishments to keep our family community connected (permission slips to post activity pictures will be included in the packet).

While our first meeting is always well attended, we encourage you to attend all the PTA meetings. Our first PTA meeting is scheduled for September 13th from 7-9PM. On the agenda we will go over our budget, fundraising and goals. We will also be discussing the upcoming PTA school calendar and many other exciting topics presented by our administration.

 Should you wish to contact us, the following is for your reference: email us at IS27pta@gmail.com. Also, please visit our website daily for important information at http://www.is27.org/home . We look forward to seeing you at meetings and events throughout the coming year and wish you and our students a great school year!

On behalf of our PTA - Sincerely, Cheryl Antypas, President

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Cheryl Antypas                           Nannette D'Agostino                Delores Reyes                             

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